What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a non toxic, environmentally safe alternative to traditional dry cleaning completely replacing the toxic chemicals used in traditional dry cleaners called PERC ( Perchlorethlene). Our wet cleaning utilises state of the art washing machines, biodegradable detergents and conditioners combined with special moisture and sensitive dryers.

Wet cleaning is more gentle than hand washing your garments, gentle on the skin and leaves fabrics soft to touch and smells fresh and clean.

It’s easy to see why the demand for wet-cleaning and it’s effectiveness is growing, as can be seen in different countries where Wet Cleaning has been used for many years in the US and France, where PERC is banned.

What does PERC stand for?

Perchloroethylene (PERC) – a known neurotoxin, is a highly toxic chemical that’s dangerous to our environment & society.
Most commonly used in many dry cleaners, studies has shown that short term exposure to PERC cause neurological, kidney and liver damage.

What garments can be wet cleaned?

Natural fibres such as angora, cotton, cashmere, linen, silk and new wool.
Artificial fibres such as viscose and acetate.
Synthetic fibres such as acrylic.polyester, Goretex.
Highly sensitive fibres.